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Throwback Thursday — Slightly Kloss-Eyed: Attendance tallies at Summerfest, other events was a guessing game Maier set out to make Milwaukee the parade city of the Midwest — in Meredith A. Gingold First Place Grades An act of hate results in a positive solution What can a little white Jewish girl like me have to say about such a powerful writer, inspirational speaker and brilliant man as Dr. Shaleeah N. Natalie F. Isabella R. Justin T. Alexander Graham First Place Grades It's best to walk away from fight One day, while I was at recess, one of my schoolmates pulled my hair.

Second Place Grades There are peaceful ways to solve differences There I was face to face with my nemesis, seconds away from blowing him in his face or me getting punched in the face because we both were frustrated with each other. Madison Kelly Second Place Grades Nonviolence more effective than violence If we start taking a stand for what we believe is right, the nonviolent way, individual people will see that the result of nonviolence is much more effective than violence is. Vaughn A.

John Sliwa Second Place Grades Respect for others is key to getting along I practice nonviolence in a few different ways. Fatimah Z. Potack-Rettler Third Place Grades Bravery, passion make a difference Nonviolence is the most potent weapon because it influences people. Thirty-four percent of nonvoters are younger than 30 and 43 percent of nonvoters are part of racial or ethnic minorities. We must remind the younger generation that their voices are important and deserve to be heard.

This is a fight that includes genuine understanding, which we now see in Montgomery, Alabama. As of November , before becoming an officer, police cadets are required to tour the Rosa Parks Museum to gain a better understanding of why doing right by the law instead of doing right by their personal beliefs is so crucial to mending the image and character of the Montgomery Police Department.

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This is a fight that includes peace. In , there were as many mass shootings as there were days in the year. The fundamental rights listed in our nation's Bill of Rights should be protected, but the lives of innocent individuals, such as the ones from Newtown, Connecticut; Charleston, South Carolina; and San Bernardino, California deserve to be protected as well. King asked himself this question daily. We too can ask ourselves the same question and make changes in our lives that result in changing other people's lives.

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King saw that others like him were being oppressed, so he used nonviolent protests to earn respect and equality for people like him. Furthermore, he saw that people who were different from him simply couldn't find love in their hearts because they were taught to hate. In return, Dr. King showed grace and hoped that one day they would both learn to understand one another because it is hard to hate someone whose story you know. It is important to continue Dr. King's dream because his dream has not yet been fully realized.

The leaders that will carry on Dr. King's dream don't have to be politicians, televangelists or celebrities. The leaders to pursue his dream can be people like you and I. As Dr. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. With the increase of brutality going on towards the black community, I can only be scared for the ones closest to me. In Dr.

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And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. As many can come to infer, the nation has returned to business as usual, and now is the time for the black community to stand up. This is why it is important for me to pursue the dream. Was Dr. Was the progress of the black community back then not enough? It is important for me to pursue this dream for the little boy that calls me mommy, so that when I am one of the many that make changes in the world, I can feel comfortable sending my son to school in the morning without reiterating to him not to wear the hood to his sweatshirt, or not to walk around with his hands in his pocket.

We are all created equal and we all live in this world. It is important for me to pursue Dr. Lastly, it is important for me to pursue the dream of Dr. King because even though Rosa Parks and Dr. But there was never a conflict between religion and science as such.

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There cannot be. Their respective worlds are different. Their methods are dissimilar and their immediate objectives are not the same. The method of science is observation, that of religion contemplation. Science investigates. Religion interprets. One seeks causes, the other ends. Science thinks in terms of history, religion in terms of teleology. One is a survey, the other an outlook. The conflict was always between superstition disguised as religion and materialism disguised as science, between pseudo-science and pseudo-religion.

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Religion and science are two hemispheres of human thought. They are different though converging truths. Both science and religion spring from the same seeds of vital human needs. Science is the response to the human need of knowledge and power. Religion is the response to the human need for hope and certitude. One is an outreaching for mastery, the other for perfection. Both are man-made, and like man himself, are hedged about with limitations.

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Neither science nor religion, by itself, is sufficient for man. Science is not civilization. Science is organized knowledge; but civilization which is the art of noble and progressive communal living requires much more than knowledge. It needs beauty which is art, and faith and moral aspiration which are religion. It needs artistic and spiritual values along with the intellectual. Man cannot live by facts alone. What we know is little enough. What we are likely to know will always be little in comparison with what there is to know.

But man has a wish-life which must build inverted pyramids upon the apexes of known facts. This is not logical.

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It is, however, psychological. Science and religion are not rivals. It is only when one attempts to be the oracle at the others shrine that confusion arises.

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Whan the scientist from his laboratory, on the basis of alleged scientific knowledge presumes to issue pronouncements on God, on the origin and destiny of life, and on man's place in the scheme of things he is [ passing? When the religionist delivers ultimatums to the scientist on the basis of certain cosomologies embedded in the sacred text then he is a sorry spectacle indeed. When religion, however, on the strength of its own postulates, speaks to men of God and the moral order of the universe, when it utters its prophetic burden of justice and love and holiness and peace, then its voice is the voice of the eternal spiritual truth, irrefutable and invincible.

What is the purpose of religion?