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Throughout time, literature has had a profound effect on every society.

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Literature is inextricably linked to the values of the society, time and context in which period it was created. Her confessional style of poetry displays an intensified questioning of life with a strong sense of fatalism. Focusing on Daddy and The Applicant, Plath explores these themes through countless techniques. The image of woman is generalized as a large breasted, fertile creature, mainly for the purpose of the male possessor.

This image is the epitome of sexism, however at the time was seen as the only way women could behave. It was this stereotype that Plath struggled to reject. Throughout Daddy, Plath uses historical context to help portray how women are treated and exist in society in her time, which was represented as a minority group. In the poem, Daddy, Plath emphasised the central trauma of her life, the loss of her father, which deprived her of a traditional upbringing.

The main technique Plath uses in Daddy is the contextual imagery to emphasise on the portrayal of women. The imagery of weapons accentuates the idea of dangerous relations between the speaker and the subject, aligned with war. Plath explores the portrayal of women through her poems by using established imagery. After the Second World War, there was an attempt to return to traditional values. Plath uses reference to the atrocities of World War II to mirror her own emotional turmoil caused by these societal pressures in The Applicant and Daddy.

Essay Imagery In Poems "Daddy" And "Lady Lazarus" By Sylvia Plath

She explores this theme heavily by inverting the traditional positive portrayal of marriage and motherhood, and instead portraying the exhausting and negative side. In The Applicant, Plath employs a sarcastic tone and a conversational style. The poem consists of many questions, to place the responder in the role of the applicant. Plath uses ironic humour to make a statement against the traditional family values society imposes. Related Documents: Sylvia Plath Essay.

Essay about Sylvia Plath and display fragile objects or to establish a vacuum or a controlled atmosphere in scientific experiments.

The main theme of this book is that in order to stay sane in this world, you must not let fears… Words - Pages 5. Plath has become more famous after her… Words - Pages 3.

Imagery in "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath Essay example

Being that I am the entrepreneur it is my role to bring energy, creativity… Words - Pages 3. Possession of the most obtuse objects now and then. Here Plath still has hope: the fatigue is a season, i. But she is going to be blessed with a baby daughter.

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  6. Thankfully, this will indeed serve as an inspiration to her. Plath feels disconnected and diminished, she is confused, but luckily her maternal instincts take over.

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    And why is the museum drafty? Than the cloud that distills the mirror to reflect its own slow. The baby is like a puddle made by the mother, the cloud. Plath feels that her importance is diminished and she is losing touch. Overall, the poetry of Plath is full of pain and sorrow, but these are explored through powerful images that emphasise the profound feelings and emotions that the poet is experiencing. Follow points. Carla King 4 Dec Thanks for this website seriously helpful!!!!!

    But what makes her a great poet is the way her subject matter is not only profoundly explored but also beautifully framed in vivid complex images. American Literature Ms. Such is the case with Sylvia Plath was an intricate person, as are most artists who use their life experiences for inspiration. She wrote with feeling and heart.

    Many of her work showed a deep understanding of her emotions and state of mind. Plath has become more famous after her…. Plath crafts her text with very vivid imagery and metaphors pertaining to the Holocaust.

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    The poem repeats in 5-line stanzas with a meter and rhyme scheme. This resembles the structure of a nursery rhyme. The poem is written in first person and the speaker is a girl who is a daughter. The connection between the two is very pure and nurturing. The song is to welcome strangers to the cabaret.

    The effect of the distorted face is a set up for one of the main ideas of Cabaret. It is a metaphor for the idea that things…. Plath uses metaphors and imagery to represent the controlling and abusive….