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Do not confuse. I know that there are plenty of decent people still striving for success. Integrity and honesty are not the key to success. Integrity and Confidence A few decades ago, I had a lunch with professor G. Warren Nutter, a prominent economist in the late Virginia university. Professor Nutter has extensive expertise in comparative economic systems, especially in the former Soviet Union. He understands economic theory deeply, but he always emphasizes that the market is not functioning in vacuum. Honesty can be defined as having no fraud or dishonesty.

In Shakespeare 's play "Othello", sincerity is very ironical. The theme of the play is basically honesty and trust. Through Othello you will be able to notice how to use honest sarcasm. It all began with Othello putting Michael Cassio on the lieutenant of Iago. Shakespeare has chosen to present only three female characters to the reader, as we can compare and contrast women in a society controlled by men and see the difference. One of the main qualities that came into my mind when evaluating Othello was his trust.

He insisted that Iago is a sincere and trustworthy person; "For his communication I appointed my wife" I.

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Othello has no reason to distrust Iago at this moment. Othello could not be seen through the fraud of Iago over and over again. Iago is a soldier; Othello is familiar with soldiers and men he trusts, and Iago has a reputation for honesty. Othello needs to trust people; this is his nature; that is why he suffers when he has to choose among so-called honesty of Iago and his wife's honesty.

Othello needs to trust his wife. Desperately, he cried: Honesty and trust as virtue is one of the cornerstones of the relationship between nurses and patients. All patients have the right to receive sincere information about their health. Honesty is a prerequisite for justice. Patients often reveal the deepest and most personal concerns and problems to nurses.

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This means that the patient trusts the nurse and therefore recognizes their personal vulnerability. For example, Martin's disadvantaged state has little choice but to believe that the nurse respects and respects his choice. However, excellent nurses are aware of this deep dependence of patients and they will know not to use them to avoid injuries. If the nurse decides to violate the patient's beliefs, the trust may be lost.

To be honest, everyone needs to listen to the story of the wolf. Of course, the shepherd boy thinks that he is very funny and is making a fuss about imaginary wolves, running villagers - no wolves. Then when the wolf really came, he shouted and screamed, but the villagers did not plan to play his game again, and his sheep was nailed by a wolf. Moral revelation of the story.


It is safe. Integrity comes from authenticity.

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Once you remove the facade, you need to take action if it comes to reality. Honesty is behavior. We must first be honest with ourselves. Are we exposed to struggles and injuries? Or will we fill them with self treatment? If we are truthful and honest about ourselves, we can handle people around us honestly.

Sharing is the power of liberation, not ourselves. Wisdom is necessary for credibility and honesty. Not everyone can safely share past and current wounds.

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Not everyone is worth knowing our story. When you understand with anyone, wisdom is necessary. Instead of indiscriminately crushing Twitter, Facebook, Facebook, or Instagram jokingly and using identity , sharing pictures of other gorgeous dinners found out from Google by struggle, no longer There is no credibility. It is true and open but clever is the person who receives your story Integrity is more than telling the truth. It is about faithful to yourself and others, about who you are, what you want, and what you need to get the most real life.

Honesty promotes openness and gives us the power to establish the consistency of the way we present facts. Honesty makes our perceptions more clear and enables us to observe everything around us clearly. The opposite of honesty is a fraud - or a lie. Regardless of whether you deceive yourself or deceive it is equally bad thing to tell a lie.

When you tell a lie, you deceive yourself in what you are saying. Start digging up the imaginary groove with a spoon of baby's size. You confuse yourself, confuse others, lose credibility, and hurt yourself.

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He often conducts active and fast-paced activities to prevent the severity of this Earth's condition from clogging or hiding his spiritual light. If Mr. Dimmesdale is really dead, others claim that the world is not worth treading on his feet Hawthorne Ding Mesdale led the citizen to believe that his fasting was for religious purposes and he does not punish himself. Ding Mesdale cheats people and makes them think that his actions are for God, and indeed he is punishing himself as a hypocrite. Whether Nathaniel Hawthorne's ancestor played a role in his novel "Red Letter" is a big argument.

It is a year. Her ancestors arrived in the new world in Nathaniel Hawthorne - Biography With this, Hawthorne is deepening empathy with women in his novel. For example, Hester of 'red letter' was not hanged for adultery, she was released and she could live her life like everyone else. Nathaniel Hawthorn is a writer in the 19th century American romantic movement. Hawthorne is known in writing and is known for his use of fables and symbolism. Hawthorn is said to be the first American writer to realize that modern people have failed to fully develop their moral growth potential.

Many of his stories talk about the life he knew when he grew up in a Puritan society. As Hawthorne's writing continues, it is filled with the same amount of sin and evil as his first work. Evil revealed through his work Nathaniel Hawthorne is a relatives of a cruel Hawthorne judge who began writing novels on the effects of evil.

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The theme I advocated from Nathaniel Hawthorne's "red letter" is that negative actions have results and good things can produce good results. This can be clarified by the behavior of various roles and how it affects them. Hester is a good example of bad results.

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