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This hierarchical intervention creates an agency problem that does not receive sufficient attention in the open government discourse.

The open government project has to develop, I argue, new administrative law structures, which can cope with the inevitable dependency of e-democratic initiatives on hierarchical ordering. I consider in this context the possible emergence of a new form of hybrid regulatory mechanisms that bring together legal institutions and web-based agents and examine the problems underlying this phenomenon.

Socrates, Plato, And Aristotle

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Socrates Essay

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Socrates, Plato, And Aristotle - Term Papers

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A response paper to the apology of socrates

Plato described him as a man with a mission and ethics. Socrates devoted his life to serving, "the God.

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He was described as especially ugly, with thick lips, a big gut, and a stocky build. Socrates would make jokes of himself, but his beliefs are your true self is not the body but the spirit.

According to Socrates, virtue is inner goodness, and is within the inner soul. He believed that the ultimate concern for each human being should be of their own soul. He believed true knowledge was the power of the mind to understand the surviving situation after the facts disappear.

He taught no matter what skin color, shape, or height we are all still human beings. A person's mind can understand facts, but to capture the true essence of something is to understand the nature of it. He also taught people to know what makes the soul in order to behave morally. Socrates believes that people commit evil doings not for the cause of evil, but because of ignorance. Socrates warns those who do commit evil acts for benefits like money, power, or recognition because the guilt of your soul will out weigh your gains.

The Trial of Socrates

Socrates was convinced that virtue was knowledge and the care of the soul is the highest human goal. One day a man asked an oracle if Socrates was the wisest man of all and the oracle replied, "Yes. While doing this mission of his, he tried to persuade peoples concern to wisdom, truth, and the improvement of their souls. By doing this, he developed the Socratic method or dialectic. This was the practice of examining through guided questions. He would lure out their knowledge then forced others to redefine their sayings, to think of disagreements, and then think, search, guess, and answer every question.

Only the trial of Jesus was more controversial then this trial. Many Athenians considered Socrates a dangerous free-thinker who did not act conventionally. Sons of rich Athenian families learned his dialectic method and that made them mad.