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One such trend is writing-to-learn or writing-across-the-curriculum.

Guide on Learning Algebra and Other Related Sciences

Reading comprehension theory provides a basis for explaining how and why writing activities aid in the learning of content material. Reading comprehension theories involve the interactive cognitive processes of microprocessing understanding sentences , integration typing sentences together , macroprocessing understanding the whole , elaboration, and metacognition using flexible strategies.

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One writing activity is expository essay writing. The independent variable of this study was the use of essay questions on teacher-made tests in Algebra I and the training of students to write the essays. There were two instructors, each with one treatment class and one control class.

An Introduction to Algebra

The strategy of acquainting students with the questions and providing practice in answering them included: a statement of the question to the class, b think-time for students to formulate answers, c volunteer or called-upon students giving answers, d additions by other students until an acceptable answer was formed, e homework assignment to write an answer in the students' notebooks.

When teacher-made tests were administered students were not allowed access to notes or previously written answers.

A One-Way ANCOVA showed the treatment group's posttest scores differed significantly from the control group's after adjusting for initial pretest differences. The level of significance was 0. Students will come to learn more of the mathematics they are studying if they are required to write about what the mathematics is, and how they believe it works. So our books embed the learning of skills within a unified, coherent narrative, which prompts student to think about how algebraic formulas, principles, and elements relate to one another, and about what their respective purposes are.

While our books provide plenty of "practice" problems in the traditional sense, they are also filled with rich and generative questions, many of which are open-ended.

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Such questions help students practice imaginative problem-solving, which is not only engaging but also produces deep and lasting learning. Students learn to:. Cart 0.

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Jousting Armadillos. Crocodiles and Coconuts.

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