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Not only are the mill systems and equipment cutting edge, so are the paper products themselves. The paper industry offers the opportunity to work with advanced products and technologies, such as nanoscience, bioreactive papers that detect and kill bacteria, recyclable paper cell phones and much more.

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Innovative new products that exploit paper's unique benefits are created each day. It's also easy to be green in the paper industry.

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In addition, the industry provides a chance to work with renewable, non-petroleum based energy sources for use both in and outside of the mill. Institutions providing higher education for the papermaking industry's future engineers and scientists are vital for the long term health of the pulp, paper and other forest-based industries. Below list of links to European universities, schools, institutions, centres and governmental departments responsible for higher education, research and innovation in pulp, paper and forestry in Europe.

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The innovation is 1 the choice of the starting substrate, an industrial Kraft chemical pulp partially bleached, cheap, but exhibiting a poor reactivity, 2 the use of conventional bleaching chemicals widely employed in paper pulp bleaching lines, 3 the development of an innovative process with, in particular, the choice of non-conventional operating conditions in order to act on reactional mechanisms, and 4 added-value applications, dissolving celluloses and MFC, in strong expansion.

This project will demonstrate to the worldwide Pulp and Paper Industry the feasibility of bio-product production dissolving cellulose and MFC , in parallel of regular paper pulp production, in the same bleaching line. These processes will be in strong interaction with unit operations already existing in the bleaching line, since some chemicals and effluents may be used or recycled.

The applicant must have a PhD degree and strong academic background in chemical engineering, basic chemistry, both organic and analytical chemistry.

Applicants who have already worked in laboratory on lignocellulosic materials are of special interest. Personal skills include social competence.

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An open and inclusive personality, an independent thinking and attitude are all useful qualities. The position requires a very high level of accomplishment in writing and communication in English.

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