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During her college years, Stacey discovered she had both a knack for consistently reinventing the creative personal statement and a perverse love of bridging the gap between stressed-out teenagers and their parents. Stacey has since spoken at schools around the world on the subject of the college essay and has advised over 1, students on their admissions essays. Though it successfully secured her admission, in retrospect she kind of wishes she had hired an essay consultant. Kat Stubing is a freelance writer, advisor, and communications specialist who has worked for grassroots and nonprofit organizations, theaters, newspapers, magazines, and digital publications reaching audiences all over the world.

As an undergraduate, Kat studied Journalism for a semester in Leicester, England, where she discovered her passion for narrative writing and travelling. She believes travelling is the key to self-discovery and a broader mindset. Thea Hogarth is an experienced teacher, tutor, and educational product mastermind. Beyond the college campus, she has spent nearly a decade teaching English, literature, and writing to all grade levels from K in a variety of settings, both in the US and abroad.

In recent years, she has also cultivated a love and knack for product development and digital learning, and has led the charge on many projects from app development to video production.

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While studying there, she realized her passion for literature and the power of the argumentative essay. She went on to earn her MA in English at Cal Poly, teaching Rhetoric and Composition during her studies and continuing as a lecturer after graduating. As an editor, she loves the structural world of grammar and linguistics, but also has an eye for rhetoric and how word choice and tone affect the reader. She really hit the nail on the head with that one. She is passionate about working with high school students to develop their own written voice and gain the confidence to address any written task.

Nina then embarked on a Masters degree at New York University where she became a graduate writing instructor teaching freshmen composition courses with a focus on the personal essay. Nina has worked one-on-one with numerous students over the past nine years helping them craft insightful, unique, polished college essays. She has taught composition, literature, and creative writing courses at both large universities and small liberal arts colleges, and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Wells College in upstate NY.

Ashleigh Fox is a writing tutor, English professor, and unwavering supporter of the Oxford comma. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Allegheny College, a private liberal arts school and founding member of the Colleges That Change Lives organization, where she majored in English and minored in writing snarky e-mails.

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Ashleigh has worked in communication consulting, matchmaking, financial compliance, and cosmetics sales, but her true passion is working with young adults and meeting them at the fascinating intersection between childhood and adulthood. She spent ten years in the high school English classroom, earning her M.

Ed in Secondary English Education from the University of Pittsburgh while encouraging her students to embrace multicultural texts, happiness studies, and the redemptive nature of unhappy endings in classic literature. She soaks up stories and is thrilled to help high school students unlock their unique narratives in the college essay.

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Caryn Schwartz has been an editor—of school assignments, newspaper articles, college applications and more—for eight years. She earned her BA from Vassar College in English and Chinese, and then promptly took off to join the college consulting industry in Shanghai. She has worked with high school, undergraduate and MBA applicants. These days she reminisces fondly about Chinese breakfast foods and tries to read everything. Kate Seldman is a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about helping clients find their voices and tell their stories. She specializes in identifying the ideal voice for companies and individuals and guiding each one through the construction of a branded narrative—or a college essay!

On her personal blog, she writes narrative nonfiction about her sweet, rambunctious sons and her love of all things bizarre. As an Asian-American violinist with a 4. She is a professional violinist with more than twenty years of teaching experience, and is completing a certificate in copy editing through UC Berkeley. Her curiosity is endless and infectious, and she loves the process of getting to know each student and helping them put the essence of who they are into their essays.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and later was awarded a mid-career Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at M. She is also the author of two YA novels, including a romantic comedy about interfaith dating based on her own high school days.

She currently works with authors and memoirists, helping them craft book proposals and manuscripts for submission to publishers.

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Her own college essay recalled the disastrous piano lessons given to her by her mother, a professional music teacher. During this time, she also earned her M. Although she absolutely adored her students and loved living in New York City, she was itching to explore the world.

Her love of meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and eating delicious food has led her to travel to over 30 countries on six continents. Josh Hawkins has nearly 20 years of academic, professional, and freelance experience as an editor-from college essays to college textbooks and everything in between-with a special place in his heart for making complicated or convoluted material consistent and easier for everyone to read and understand.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a BA in Journalism and worked for a time as a freelance writer and magazine editor before embarking on a career in book publishing. Since , he has worked full time as a medical editor and group supervisor in the world of pharmaceutical advertising; he has been the Lead Editor at CEA since Mission accomplished. This means she got to spend most of college running around and making movies it was a lot of fun. She has dabbled in all sorts of writing including screenwriting, Emmy-award winning copywriting and copyediting, and professional tweeting for the likes of Bravo and MTV.

Her college essay was on the many laudable qualities of her all-time favorite movie… Grease. Michael Ventura is a freelance designer, animator, and illustrator with a love of all things creative. He has six years of freelance experience working on websites, promotional materials, short films, and mini-series.

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Michael likes to bring his creativity and love of design to the CEA team, and his work can be seen around this website; as well as in our college essay writing tip videos and our College Essay Academy YouTube series! Michael wrote his college essay on the influences animation had on shaping his youth. The CEA Student Advisory Board comprises an all-star group of alumni who now attend some of the most elite colleges and universities in the country. Be patient and stay creative. By my third summer at camp I felt ready to attend for a month. There were times when I missed my family, but I had amazing friends and counselors to help me when I had doubts.

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I believe I came out of that summer more confident and self-reliant. Several years later, my next-door neighbor considered sending her children to sleep away camp after seeing the positive impact it had on my sister and me.

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She still walks her daughter, who is in the sixth grade, to the bus stop. Eight years later and this past summer was my ninth year at camp, and my first as a counselor. On the first day of camp parents came to drop off their daughters. I felt the parents trust in me and my co-counselors. Once the moms and dads finished helping their daughters unpack, I could see them feeling ambivalent and started to miss them. At the same time, I knew they hoped their kids would have a great time and learn to become more independent.

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I had a camper who was signed up for a two-week session, but she left after a week because she was so homesick. I learned that camp may not be for everyone but in the future I think she could find another camp or summer activity that would be a better fit for her. I feel strongly about providing children with an opportunity to grow and become more independent. For me, it was the experiences I had at sleep away camp. It has enabled me to grow as a person, make good friendships, and become more mature and confident as I start my college career. Your email address will not be published.

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