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It signifies the ending of one part of their life and the beginning of another, allowing them to hide from the world while they discover their own unique identity.

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It is important they go through this stage but a worry when it continues on into adult years if they continue to wear black to the exclusion of other colors. Too much black can cause depression and mood swings and create a negative environment. Combined with white only, it can create an argumentative atmosphere. If your favorite color is black, it will reflect in your personality!

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Mystery: Black is the unknown. It is secretive, keeping a lot buried inside, unwilling to show its real feelings. Power and Control: Black is power and control of the self and others.

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It creates fear and intimidation. Formal, dignified and sophisticated: As in the little black dress and the formal dinner suit. Aloof: Black sets itself aside from others with its heavy and intense energy. It keeps others at arm's length. Depressing: Black can close us to the positive aspects of life, forcing us to look at our disappointments and the black or negative aspects of our life.

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It can create a fear of the future. Pessimistic: Too much black encourages us to look at the negative side of life. For more information You are a light-hearted and easy going person - not so serious, conservative and formal. You may feel that it is a depressing color, especially if you have a happy, extroverted and optimistic outlook on life.

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You are not into power and control - you have a gentle disposition and black is too intimidating for you. You may have been dominated and intimidated during your early years and black brings back those feelings.

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Comments Have your say about what you have just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. The only problem is that he is a white Jew and in the 's blacks could not trust any white men.

He has spent his entire life trying to prove to people that he is not the average Jew and does not consider himself to be different from anyone. In the story he interacts with several different blacks that turn him away and eventually cause him to feel pain physically and emotionally.

Nat Lime fails with black people socially, politically, economically, religiously, and psychologically; it just his faith.

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Nat Lime as a huge problem socially more then any other characteristics, with blacks. Since Mr. Lime is the minority in the neighborhood, he tries extra hard to fit in. He goes to the block parties they have every so often and even tries to be friends with some of the children his age.

Buster is one of the children that he forced himself upon. Nat Lime would tries to make him his friend by inviting him to the movies. Buster could not offered to go to the movies so he excepted his invitation.