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Celebrity Power words - 8 pages Introduction Living in the twenty-first century we are exposed to media whether it is television, films, magazines, or tabloids. Celebrity characteristics and the way we view them have a significant impact on choices we make especially decisions regarding health. Do teenagers need to be surrounded by good role models to live a good life? The main topics are: parents, famous people and the wrong path. Teenagers need to be surrounded by people who are good role models in their lives to live happily.

The main aspects are family violence and. Proactiv: Targeting People All Over the World words - 6 pages using a celebrity to promote their products.

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Using well-liked celebrities throughout a commercial shows that the product is reliable to all. Many people look up to celebrities as role models and look for ways to be similar to them.

In one of the Proactiv commercials they use Katy Perry to reach out to her fans. In the commercial they introduce her as a respected artist who once struggled with acne problems just as the audience.


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During the commercial. Should You Idolize Them? Over 2, parents were asked this and 58 percent of them said celebrities do not make good role models. Similar Essays Literature Review words - 6 pages due to his prior alleged indiscretions. Celebrity credibilityCelebrities are generally viewed by consumers as credible sources of information about the product or firm they endorse Goldsmith et al.

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The literature exploring celebrity endorsements has generally employed one of two foundational source models: 1 the source-credibility model, and 2 the source-attractiveness model Erdogan Source credibility can be defined as 'a. Celebrity Endoresment In India Essay words - 31 pages availability. Celebrity physical attractiveness. Celebrity credibility. Celebrity prior endorsements. Whether celebrity is a brand user. Celebrity profession. Successful celebrity endorsements for a brand- An Indian perspective In the history of advertising - products or services, political parties or ideas - celebrities have played a seminal role in boosting the bottom line.

Whether what's on offer is a soft drink.

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Majority of companies uses an expert spokesperson when a product and service carry a higher financial performance, or physical risk. However, physical appearance does send positive feeling towards celebrity. Other Popular Essays.

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Younger generations are getting brainwashed by these so called celebrity role models that think they are setting a good example for these young teenagers, where-as it is actually getting backfired. These celebrities have started to ruin our society with people are acting like copycats, because they think if celebrities can, well so can I. All Lohan is famous for now is, her unhealthy habits, family problems and drugs.

Who wants their child to look up to that? A well known couple that had an affair are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, this happened while they were shooting Mr. Celebrities like this couple set bad examples in relationships. Children are going to grow up watching their favourite celebrity cheat on their partner, marry them and then wait until someone younger comes around. Is that what we want our children to watch and hear about? We shall never judge their external beauty and looks or we might end up admiring beautiful wigs, skin post Botox treatment or covered under layers of make-ups, facial features that underwent cosmetic surgery so kudos to the doctor , slim figure that has been corrected by liposuction, photos beautified with special cameras etc.

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This list is endless. Compare their past photos with current ones and you will get the difference.

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  • The truth is nothing can surpass the natural beauty. These actresses only promote the superficial beauty which does not last long. Here I am not suggesting you all to loath your favorite actors but never to blindly believe what they say, do and show on media.

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    Its good to admire their acting skills and artistic works but nothing beyond that which is mostly untrue. Rather than these high profile people, its far better if we have role models among the people we meet in our everyday life like family, friends and colleagues etc. Sign in.

    Get started. Top 4 reasons not to make celebrities as our role models. Renu Singh Follow. Applaudience A community dedicated to those who are passionate about film. A collection of handpicked publications about movies, the film industry and fan art. Role Models Celebrity Cinema.

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