Can you resubmit a dissertation

This may be supplemented by additional detail from your department and in some cases results will only be available from your department. You may request a transcript listing the module marks you have achieved on your course. When you have completed your midsummer assessments and any August re assessments the Board of Examiners for your course will consider your performance. The processes for student examination, assessment, progression and degree classification are available within the following Senate Regulations :.

As a 'without residence' student your studies are suspended. You do not attend lectures and other teaching sessions during this time but you have the opportunity to have a further attempt at certain failed assessment s. The Exams Office will contact you with the timetable for resit examinations. No tuition fees are due for any period spent without residence and during this time you are not eligible for the same level of tutorial supervision.

Contact your department for details of the level of tutor support available to you. There is no charge associated with their use. If you have failed to satisfy the examiners in your examinations or assessments in accordance with the University Progression requirements or scheme of assessment, then your course will be terminated. This means that you will cease to be a registered student of the University, and will not receive the award for which you originally registered.

Any student whose course has been terminated will be notified by the University following the recommendation of the relevant Board of Examiners.

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Search Forum Post new topic. Post reply on Postgrad Forum Sort latest to earliest Back to topics. I had worked really hard on my thesis and I had produced what my supervisor called 'an enormous work'. The external was not happy with the thesis and this was obvious from the first 10 minutes of the viva The internal was milder I think I did well in the viva, but not overly well. I should say 'average', but certainly not bad.

I am now extremely depressed and fragile.

What is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

Waiting for the examiners' report with their comments. I am of course happy things were not worse but after all that effort I had put on my thesis, I have stopped believing in myself. To make things worse, my supervisor has not come back to me after the viva i. I did not see him - I did not discuss the result with him. Instead of panicking I am simply waiting for the reports of the examiners and then I will do exactly what they want me to do.

I hope that if I do what they want me to do I will get the PhD Are there any success stories out there?


I am not working and I have plenty of time to work on the thesis. The examiners thought that I could potentially resubmit in less than 12 months because there is not much that needs changing. They want me to delete However, they insisted on resubmission rather than major corrections only.

It is possible I will have a second viva, maybe with the same examiners. Examiners said that the thesis is above an Mphil level but it has not reached their expectations for a PhD yet I do not know how the revise and resubmit system works They told me that I will receive more supervision from my supervisor I was however, delighted with the resubmission verdict as I was told to prepare myself for the possibility of an MPhil leading up to the viva.

I asked the examiners whether I would have to go through a second viva and they said no.

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They mentioned something about a meeting after I've resubmitted, but not another viva hope they haven't changed their minds! I have until the summer to make the corrections, but I'm pushing forward to resubmit by around Easter time.