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HERE page 9. My monthly column in the Times News will be published this weekend, look for it on Saturday, December 8.


This article was published here on November 30, at www. And was preached at Eastside Baptist Church on December 2, Skip to content. Harper, First, the intent of my letter is to help — not destroy or confuse.

I have made attempts to communicate with Saeed in private, all attempts met with silence. It is not necessary or required that anyone I write must respond or agree with me.

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We must be careful. We want others to be graceful to us, we too should speak with a graceful motive.

I am willing to be scrutinized in the same manner. Where it is true, we have a history of being unfair, unloving and even rude; it should not be so when we do exercise discernment. Does the bible instruct us in how to do this at all?

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It does. Utah high school football coach forfeits game because of rash of injured players. Learn More.

Racism, death threats and coaches behaving badly in a Utah high school basketball rivalry Photo: Google Earth Images. The upshot of the claims against the teams is that one or both could be suspended from all competition in the state for a year.

IMCNH09092016 Major Gen. (Ret.) Gary Harrell

There are credibility issues on both sides of this case, along with soundless surveillance video that serves as a virtual Rorschach test for both sides. All of that makes for even higher stakes for the UHSAA, which could make a statement about racist fan behavior and inappropriate coach interactions in one fell swoop, depending on their own interpretation of what unfolded on a long, disputed night. Related News.