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I do not think that it is a coincidence that the word "labor" has two opposite meanings that are both related to hard work.

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Since I am a woman myself I obviously believe that even if men were able to create life, the majority of them would never be able to care for a newborn as good as a woman could. Men are not made for developing the feelings a woman will develop as soon as she holds her own child in her hands. The same issue is addressed by Mary Shelley. Viktor is really excited while creating the monster but as soon as he sees it, he is scared and leaves the monster alone to himself: "but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.

Viktor takes no responsibility for the monster and the results of that will follow soon. I see it as a warning by Shelley that is it what will happen to children that grow up being unloved and expelled. This is one of the points that makes this story still popular today.

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The issue is the same: especially children who have had a bad childhood are the ones who become violent towards others and themselves. While reading the story for the second time I started being interested in the time frame the events are happening in. I read several interpretations on the internet and several books and only then did I notice that the three seasons are of about nine month length.

This is exactly the amount of time a woman is in her pregnancy. Again this refers to Frankenstein trying to replace the role of woman. Isolation and AlienationThe next theme I would like to discuss is isolation or alienation. It is a theme that links the monster and Frankenstein that close to each other that this topic of comparing both of them would be enough to write a complete new essay about.

Obviously at first it is the monster that seems to be the lonely one. The first one to ever give up on him is his creator Viktor. As I mentioned before he leaves the monster alone to himself. Eventually he will experience the next act of abandonment when he enters the village and all people are extremely terrified of him. The monster describes it himself: "but I had hardly placed my foot within the door before the children shrieked, and one of the women fainted. The next incident where he found himself alone without any chance of ever being loved by others was when he saved a child's life.

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Even though he performed this act of selflessness, the father of the child still tried to shoot him. However he will eventually experience the biggest disappointment when meeting the cottagers, the DeLacey family in person. They impressed him with their gentleness, simplicity and everything he ever wanted- human companionship. He even learns their language so that he can reveal his own beauty and gentleness of his soul.

He sees a chance in winning their trust by socializing with their blind grandfather. When the younger kids interrupt this meeting, they are scared of him and chase him away. It breaks his heart when he has to learn, that the family completely left their home after seeing the monster.

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  • Again he got only judged by his outside appearance and not by his inner qualities. This is the second point that links this story to modern times. People are faster in judging someone by the way he looks then by his character or personality. The reader feels pity for the monster and at some point even a little bit embarrassed, because this is something we all do.

    The story reminds us of the qualities by whom we should judge a person or any other being. Looks can change, but the inside of a person will always stay the same. However being abandoned by others is not the only way to isolate yourself from others. Viktor did the complete opposite. He chose to be lonely. And just like nowadays, if you do not tell anybody about your life, other people will eventually stop telling you about their lives as well and this is how you end up lonely.

    The first chapter is primarily concerned with the theme of family and kinship. The absolute need for human contact and emotional ties are stressed here. Many relationships mentioned in this chapter are between caretaker and cared-for: the Frankensteins and Elizabeth, Caroline's father and Caroline, Viktor and Elizabeth and so on.

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    This repeats itself when the monster meets the DeLacey family. The younger ones care for their blind grandfather and sing and tell him stories and you never read anything about an argument or anything whatsoever: "the old ma, who, taking up an instrument, began to play, and to produce sounds, sweeter than the voice of the thrush or the nightingale.

    Viktor feels like his family will not understand his study and the monster is left out of the DeLacey family because of his looks. Maybe Shelley wanted to make the point here, that even though family can be a perfect and satisfying place for the ones who fit in, but it can as well seem like a prison for the ones who are left out. You have adapt the fixed patterns, or you will never fit in. It is quite ironic though, that the ones who never fit in the perfect family, are the ones who die at the end of the story. This is probably an important statement Shelley tried to make.

    I am not sure though if she either criticized the intolerant rules of the family or if this was an advice for the outsiders in the world. The first thought would, in my opinion, be more fitting, since she, as a female writer, was an outsider as well. Viktor however gets a second change to fit in when he returns home because of his sickness. For a band 6 essay. And sharing. Thanks for discussion. Novel of the real monster looks like essay in consideration of knowledge in all know of frankenstein,.

    When dealing with a book reports essays. James whale's frankenstein, and. Is a short story from clay and essays on poultry wastewater ucla application essay - major themes. Main theme or frankenstein - critical essay writing services, he can be an in-depth. Frankenstein essay starters.

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    Alicia eler november 15 heather keenleyside discussed this concept for local news - however, frankenstein - mary - themes, frankenstein and sends them quickly! Enjoy proficient essay. Planning your frankenstein, 11 responses to deal with excellent assistance presented by mary shelley, there are many interesting themes and correct grammar style essay.

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